About Us

    One day my wife was relating a conversation she had heard where a mutual acquaintance was referred to as an OLD OX. I thought this was both funny and appropriate. It was appropriate because the expression fit both the age and character of the person being discussed. It was funny for 2 reasons….1) I had never heard my wife use this expression before; and… 2) I realized that I was also an OLD OX. I certainly had the age and could think of a number of adjectives that I could use to describe myself in relation to being and OLD OX.
    We jokingly discussed my getting a T shirt printed up with an image of an Ox and the term OLD OX. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.
     I did a lot of internet searching for images of OLD OX but could not find any that I liked. Most were either too comical to or too mean looking. I was also concerned about any rights that others might have for these posted images and didn’t want any claims filed later on for using without permission. I then began contemplating having a professional graphic designer create an image from pictures of actual ox, cows, steers, or bulls that I thought matched my vision for the OLD OX image.  
    One day I was standing on my patio and glanced down at a wood sculpture I had made several years ago from a left over piece of a wood beam we used to build our patio. I realized that I had forgotten about this sculpture and also realized I had found the right image.                                     
    There was no way anyone could say that I plagiarized any image they had drawn. Now all I had to do was digitize the image and add the words and build the logo.
    Today we have over 100 ways to express your favorite characteristics as an OLD OX. We also have several special versions of OLD OX that help provide funding to several nationally recognized charities. A portion of each special version will be donated to the designated charity.
    My goal is to have fun with the OLD OX concept and remove any stereotypical view of what an OLD OX….used to be. 
    Any man over the age of 50 has probably been called an OLD OX or has been referred to as an OLD OX behind his back. Let’s bring it to the front of the conversation: Why fight it….ACCEPT IT,   OWN IT,   SHOW IT.
    And DON’T be afraid to help a fellow OLD OX release his inner OX.