Custom Orders

Custom Order Information
Don’t see exactly what you want?
We are proud to offer custom orders.
Products available are listed below.
Design Guidelines:
  1. Begin by sending initial requests via email to
    1. If request is deemed appropriate and meets the guidelines below…Mock Ups of designs will be prepared and returned via email for approval
  2. No Politics, Religion, Profanity, Hate, Bodily functions,
  3. Keep it clean, Keep it FUN. Some inappropriate ideas may work if modified.
    1. OLD OX sittin’ on his ASS is not appropriate….however…
      1. Sofa Sittin’ OLD OX is very close and appropriate.
    2. OLD OX reserves the right to have final decision on custom orders. Brand Image is important.
    3. At this time there is no additional charge for custom orders. We assume there is serious intent to purchase once final design is approved.
    4. All approved designs become the exclusive property of OLD OX LLC
      1. OLD OX LLC retains all rights to the approved designs.