Site Overview

Collections: All shirts have either a black image for light colored shirts or a white image for darker colored shirts.

Personali-TEE’s: We have over 100 personalities listed. There are more positive ways to describe us Old Ox than there are negative. We need to change the perception of OLD OX. We are also a mix or various personalities…plenty of opportunity to show all sides of yourself. J

See below for a full list of Key Words. Use search tool. We have a lot to choose from

Longevi-TEE’s: These represent how long we have been roaming the earth by showing the year we were born.  We have 1920 through 1980.

Locali-TEE’s: represents which state we live in now or which states we identify with. We have all 50 states listed.

Relativi-TEE’s: (a play on the word relatives)… This collection is because we didn’t want to leave out the rest of the family or relatives

Casual-TEE’s: These are embroidered shirts and are intended to be business casual or a little more spiffy than a regular T shirt.

Special-TEE’s: these were suggested or requested by current customers.

Zo-T-ac: For those who like astrology or like to share their astrological sign. I like Gemini

Notta-TEE: coming soon….hats, cups, cooking aprons etc.